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The Cell deals with all types of grievances, complaints, and malpractices including those received from students, Faculty, and other stakeholders. The institution aims at solving the grievances of the students related to academic and non-academic matters within the campus through the online grievance/ suggestion box. The institution aims at solving the grievances of the students within the stipulated time.

B. Pharmacy Teaching Plan 2023 – 2024

Course Year Sem Subject Lesson Plan
1 B. Pharmacy I Year I Human Anatomy and Physiology I– Theory
Pharmaceutical Analysis I – Theory
Pharmaceutics I – Theory
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Theory
Communication skills – Theory
Human Anatomy and Physiology – Practical
Pharmaceutical Analysis I – Practical
Pharmaceutics I – Practical
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Practical
Communication skills – Practical
2 B. Pharmacy I Year 2 Human Anatomy and Physiology II – Theory
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – Theory
Biochemistry – Theory
Pathophysiology – Theory
Computer Applications in Pharmacy – Theory
Environmental sciences – Theory
Human Anatomy and Physiology II –Practical
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I– Practical
Biochemistry – Practical
Computer Applications in Pharmacy – Practical
3 B. Pharmacy II Year 3 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Theory
Physical Pharmaceutics I – Theory
Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Theory
Pharmaceutical Engineering – Theory
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Practical
Physical Pharmaceutics I – Practical
Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Practical
Pharmaceutical Engineering –Practical
4 B. Pharmacy II Year 4 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III– Theory
Medicinal Chemistry I – Theory
Physical Pharmaceutics II – Theory
Pharmacology I – Theory
Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I– Theory
Medicinal Chemistry I – Practical
Physical Pharmaceutics II – Practical
Pharmacology I – Practical
Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I – Practical
5 B. Pharmacy III Year 5 Medicinal Chemistry II – Theory
Industrial PharmacyI– Theory
Pharmacology II – Theory
Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry II– Theory
Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence – Theory
Industrial PharmacyI – Practical
Pharmacology II – Practical
Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry II – Practical
6 B. Pharmacy III Year 6 Medicinal Chemistry III – Theory
Pharmacology III – Theory
Herbal Drug Technology – Theory
Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics – Theory
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – Theory
Quality Assurance –Theory
Medicinal chemistry III – Practical
Pharmacology III – Practical
Herbal Drug Technology – Practical
7 B. Pharmacy IV Year 7 Instrumental Methods of Analysis – Theory
Industrial PharmacyII – Theory
Pharmacy Practice – Theory
Novel Drug Delivery System – Theory
Instrumental Methods of Analysis – Practical
Practice School
8 B. Pharmacy IV Year 8 Biostatistics and Research Methodology
Social and Preventive Pharmacy
Project Work
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